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  • Edit, delete and delete records in google sheets sheets
  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Send multiple records at once as a single api call
  • You can integrate multiple applications in a single project in the Google console
  • Use google sheet api which is totally free
  • There is no monthly request limit
  • A single payment unlike other apis or integrations

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1- we are not responsible if you don't know how to use them
2- we are not responsible if you modified them and caused errors.
3- we are not responsible to provide any missing libraries because most of the libraries used can be found in B4X Forum
4- NO refunds allowed at any given point.
5- The Terms and Conditions Can be changed anytime with no prior notice.

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  • Mohamed El Dardiri

    5 months ago

    Great Library VERY useful Excellent 24h support i'm newbie , yet ... developers walked me through most steps , including google auth2 problems .. highly recommended for the purpose

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