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  1. sqlite database
  2. Notification when a task is due or overdue
  3. Beautiful UI design
  4. Integrated theme manager
  5. You can change the username, or profile picture
  6. Create lists, edit and delete all list items or the entire list
  7. You can assign a priority to the task and it will be assigned a color according to its priority level
  8. You can assign the individual progress of each task and update it whenever you want
  9. There are no limits to create lists or tasks
Required libraries:
  • Accessibility
  • AppCompact
  • AS_DatePicker
  • AS_Checkbox
  • AS_RoundSlider
  • AXrLottie
  • B4XDrawer
  • B4XPages
  • BitmapCreator
  • ContentResolver
  • DateUtils
  • DBUtils
  • Hitex_Intent
  • IME
  • JavaObject
  • lmB4XComboBox
  • NB6
  • RuntimePermissions
  • SQL
  • TastyToast
  • UM_Icons
  • UM_searchView
  • UM_SnackBar
  • xCustomListView
  • XUI

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  • showrav Hasan

    4 months ago

    Very easy to understand excellent source code, highly recommended and very nice

  • Xfood

    3 months ago

    Ottima app, completa e' bella. Merita veramente 5 stelle Excellent app, complete and beautiful. Really deserves 5 stars

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  • Xfood

    3 months ago

    Ottimo prodotto, consigliato